"We" Proposals

This pattern is about funnelling sentences that express a personal need into sentences that we can all use to express the needs of the group as a whole. This may help us to understand what we have in common, make decisions, and work independently.

For example, we might all say sentences that start like these:

‘I need Hack-Alongs to’, ‘I want Hack-Alongs to’, ‘My goal for Hack-Along is’, ‘My values for Hack-Along are’

Here, we can understand each other's feelings and needs related to the group so that we can all confidently and with full honesty and authenticity say:

‘We need for Hack-Alongs to’, ‘We want Hack-Alongs to’, ‘Our goal for Hack-Along is..’Our values as Hack-Along are’

To do this, someone anonymously suggests a 'We' statement that in good faith they believe the group shares.

Once written, the We statement should not be changed so that everyone has a chance to respond to the same statement. (New ones can be added as frequently as we like to refine the statement!)

Then everyone (including the anonymous poster!) writes how they feel about that with as many 'I' statements as they like.

For each 'I' statement, the responsder should also include how they feels this agrees or disagrees with the proposed 'We'

If the responder feels it Agrees, they enter 'Agree'.

If the response does not directly agree or disagree with the proposal, enter 'Neutral'

If the response disagrees, enter 'Disagree'

If everyone Agree's, the 'We' gets saved to the 'We' tab!

If there is any Disagree or more than one Neutral, it goes to 'I'!

If people don't respond, it stays here, forever, and ever.

Here is an example, in a group with 3 Members only: James, Bob, Alice

We can see that someone suggests that a value of the group is creativity.

Bob confidently says 'I value creativity' as well - and Agrees!

When Alice thinks about creativity it makes her think about freedom of expression instead, so she writes that. She might still say that 'freedom of expression' is the same as creativity and Agree, but she chooses No Opinion

James says 'I value structure' which he feels is in opposition to the Proposal so he Disagrees

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